Disney Dining Plan

The Disney Dining Plan is a meal plan offered exclusively to Walt Disney World Resort Guest.  On the Disney Dining Plan, you are pre paying for  meals ahead of time in exchange for credits to be used at restaurants around Walt Disney World.  The number of dining credits you receive is based on how many nights you stay at a Walt Disney World Property Resort.  The meal credits are broken down into categories: snack, counter service and table service credits.  There are also different ways to use the credits you have purchased based on what Dining Plan you chose.  The credits are held on your keys to the world card and instead of paying with cash for your meals you hand the Cast Member your keys to the world card and they will swipe it like a credit card and your credits will be deducted from that.  On your meal/snack receipt you will see how many remaining credits you have left.

a few things to keep in mind before we continue…

-Everyone in your resort room must be on the Disney Dining Plan and have the same plan.

– If you choose the Disney Dining Plan it is highly recommended that you make dining reservation 180 days prior to your travel date.  The Dining plan has made several restaurants wildly popular.  If you want to get your moneys worth out of the plan and eat at the best restaurants make reservation!

-Kids under 3 are free and may share off of a parents plate.

-Kids 3-9 must order from the childrens menu when there is one available

-Gratuity is not included with the Disney Dining Plan cost.   Please keep this in mind.  I have had several servers mention this when the bring the bill.  I think servers get stiffed a lot of time due to the Dining Plan, so don’t be offended if they give you a gentle reminder before you pay.

-you may use your credits in any combination you want – for breakfast lunch and dinner.  How you use them in 100% up to you!

-With the Disney Dining Plan you also get a refillable resort mug to be used for soda and coffee refills at your resort for the duration of your trip!

what is a quick service meal/restaurant?

A quick service restaurant is a restaurant where you walk up to the counter and order, you pay a cashier and take your food to your own table.  All Quick Service Meals are 1 credit.  They include your entree or complete combo meal (some things come with sides some don’t), a large beverage and dessert.

what is a table service meal/restaurant

A table service restaurant is one that you are seated at a table by a hostess and eat a tradition sit down meal.  You have a server and order from a menu that you can hold and you pay at the end of your meal.  Most table service restaurants are 1 credit, with the exception of a handful of restaurants that do require 2 credits.  You meal will include entree, non-alcoholic beverage and dessert.  Certain Plans may also include an appetizer.

what is a snack credit?

 On the Disney Dining Plan you are entitled to 1 or 2 snacks a day, depending on the plan that you choose.  You may use your Snack Credit anywhere where the Disney Dining Plan Snack logo is present.  On most snack carts and quick service location you will see the purple  snack plan logo next to menu items that on are on the Disney Dining Plan.  Most snacks are $5.00 and under.  Don’t be tempted to use your snack credit on silly buys such as beverages.  To get the most value out of the plan, try to use the plan on higher dollar value snacks.  

 are there different plans for me to choose from?

Yes!  The Disney Dining Plan was designed to be convenient for you! There are 3 main plans for you to choose from.  My personal favorite plan is the Standard Dining Plan.  It is really so much food!

Standard Dining Plan –

The standard dining plan consists of 1 counter service credit, 1 table service credit and 1 snack per person per night.  You can redeem your credits any way you choose until they run out.  Meaning, if you want to eat 2 counter services in day that fine or if you want to double up your table service credits one night and do a signature dining experience which is 2 credits you may do that as well! But when the credits are out… they are out!  With this dining option you will also receive a refillable resort mug to use at your resort for the length of your stay.

 Quick Service Plan –

The Quick Service Plan entitles you to 2 quick/counter service meals and 1 snack per night you stay at the Walt Disney World Resort.  You also will receive a resort mug for you to use at your resort for the length of your stay.

Deluxe Dining Plan –

The Deluxe Dining Plan entitles you to 3 meal credits and 2 snack credits per night staying on Walt Disney World property.  What is unique about this plan is that there is no rules on how you use your 3 meal credits a day.   You can have 3 sit down meals a day, 3 counter services a day or mix and match!  Its really versatile, but keep in mind this is a lot of food.  If you aren’t used to eating 3 very large meals with 2 snacks (maybe more) a day, this might not be for you.

how much does this cost?

– Quick Service Dining Plan – $37.58 for everyone 10 and up and $14.32 for kids 3-9 per night

– Standard Dining Plan – $55.59+ for everyone 10 and up and $17.16 for kids 3-9 per night.  Prices will vary depending on the time of the year.

– Deluxe – $99.97+ for everyone 10 and $26.84+ for kids 3-9 per night.  Prices will vary depending on the time of year.

can I eat anywhere on the Disney Dining Plan?

Only certain restaurant on Walt Disney World property accept the Disney Dining plan.  But the good news is, it is almost all of the restaurants on property!  For a list of all of the restaurants on the Dining Plan head over HERE.

can I purchase other food too?

Yes!  You can order other food during your meal while on the Dining Plan.  Let’s say there is an appetizer you are just dying to try, feel free.  You will just be charged the difference after the food on your Disney Dining Plan has been deducted.  Same with alcohol, souvenir cups etc.

does Delightfully Disney do the Dining Plan?

Yes! And No!  I have gone to Walt Disney World several times and recieved free dining and I have also paid for it out of pocket.  I love the Disney Dining Plan and really see the value in it for my family.  Sometimes, however, we stay off property due to me reviewing a Downtown Disney Hotel or something like that.  Then we don’t use the dining plan because it is not offered to guests not staying on property.  During those trips we really miss the dining plan.  When you are paying cash for snacks and meals you really start to notice just how much food really costs at Walt Disney World.  I would rather have it paid for up front that way it is not as noticeable on vacation.  That is my personal preference.  So yes, if and when I can get the dining plan I do!