Disney Family Game Night Review & Giveaway

Hey Disney fans!  It’s coming up on the holiday season and I am sure y’all are starting to scury around thinking about what is on your childrens holiday wish list!  One thing that always makes our list is games.  We love family game night and have even since Addie was little.  Games are such a great gift to give and receive because while most games aren’t super costly, they provide countless hours of fun and time together.  Games are the perfect gift!  Because I have a love for games and I make it known, my wonderful friends (and I do mean wonderful, they are such a nice company) at Wonder Forge contacted me to see if I wanted to review 2 new games they have out for the holiday season.  I think they knew that I love Disney because they games I received were Pictopia: Disney Edition Trivia Game and Disney Princess Palace Pets Royal Pet Salon Game. Two perfect games for us to play!

My favorite of the two games, and quite honestly my new favorite game over all, is Pictopia: Disney Edition Trivia Game – The Ultimate Picture Trivia Family Game!  If I could only use three words to describe it, they would be – This is fun!  And not just fun for kids either, this was fun for our whole family.  Sometimes trivia games marketed toward the whole family are either way over my daughter’s head or are so easy it’s really not a challenge for my husband and myself.  This game is different.  There are a range of questions that are asked from movie trivia, to theme parks questions, Disney Channel popped up a few times while we were playing and we even saw one card that had pictures of Cast Members on them! There were also lots of questions about characters so even if you aren’t as familiar with the Disney Theme Parks this game is still great for you. Of course, I loved the trivia about the Disney Parks because I do consider myself to be a guru on that sort of thing.  Depending on the square you land on, questions are either answered individually or with a partner which adds a fun element to the game… especially when you disagree.  The game took us about 15-20 minutes to play which is a great time frame in my opinion for games.  We loved it so much, we actually played 3 times in a row.

The other game Wonder Forge sent us was Disney Princess Palace Pets Royal Pet Salon Game – Spend a day at the spa with your pawfect companions!  This was fun for Addie and I to play together one afternoon while I was doing some things around the house.  My daughter, like most little girls loves the Palace Pets and I think they are really cute too.  This is a seek and find game that has you looking from one room to another for items that would pamper your pet!  It’s a lot of fun but no real strategy behind it which makes it a great time filler game for us. Because we homeschool, there are times where I am doing several things at once while my daughter is focused on one thing.  I could easily take my turn and then run to switch the laundry over while Addie went on her scavenger hunt.  This game, because I was running around, took us about 30 minutes to play.  It’s a great game for all the little princesses in your life.

Do you have family game night?  Guess what?  Wonder Forge has generously offered to host a giveaway with me for the Pictopia: Disney Edition Trivia Game! It’s pretty easy to enter. Just visit Wonder Forge on facebook and twitter and be sure to visit me, Delightfully Disney as well and that’s all you need to do!  Everything is located in the Rafflecopter prompt below.  Sounds easy enough right?  Now go get to entering.

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