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Have you ever thought about what you would do if your child got lost at Walt Disney World?  It is such a scary thought but it happens EVERY DAY.   But thanks to one mom with a brilliant idea we can put the odds back in our favor with the SafetyTat: the tat that brings kids back!

SafetyTat was invented by a Baltimore mother of 3 when she decided to take her young children to an amusement park.  She was very worried about them getting lost in the crowd and decided to write her phone number with a pen on their arm.  Several parents stopped her to tell her what a great idea it was.  She had to keep rewriting  the number because it would smear throughout the day.  When she got home that night she decided there had to be a better way, and the SafetyTat was born!

The SafetyTat is much like a temporary tattoo that kids love wearing, only it keeps them safe.  They come in all different varieties from kinds that you can write on to ones with a QR code on them!  Different designs and colors make them great for little boys and girls! They are also waterproof, latex free, hypoallergenic and of course non-toxic! 

I have seen the SafetyTat on a number of children at Walt Disney World and absolutely love the idea, so when I returned home from our last Disney trip I decided to check them out!  I decided to try the Quick Stick Write On! variety pack. I was so excited when they arrived my daughter and I ripped right into them!

When your SafetyTat arrives it will all be together in a nice package!  When you open the package up it will look like this.  There will be your SafetyTats, cleaning wipes, a marker and directions! The key to getting the maximum lifetime out of your SafetyTat  is following the directions!  They are very clear and easy to follow so you shouldn’t have a problem. 

SafetyTats were so easy to apply and lasted for days!  Normally stickers and tattoos bother my daughters skin to the point where she is picking them off, but not with the SafetyTat.  She left it alone and it did not bother her!  Once it was time to peel it off I found one of the corners and gently peeled it off!  It came off with ease and didn’t seem to hurt my little one.  I was so impressed with how well the phone number stayed on the SafetyTat, my daughter wore it for days and it didn’t smudge or fade in anyway! 

I think the SafetyTat is a great tool for when traveling to Walt Disney World and would recommend them to anyone, especially to all of you reading this! That is why I am giving away 1 FREE 6 pack of the Quick Stick Write-ON! tats so one lucky person can see for themselves just how great this product truly is!

Head over HERE for your chance to win! And don’t worry if you don’t win or don’t want to wait till the giveaway is over because SafetyTat is giving all of my readers a discount code to use on all orders over $15.00!  Just use the code DelightfullyDisney at check out and receive 10% off now through November 3rd, 2011!

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