Free Fun Driving to Walt Disney World

Today what I have to share with you is really cool!  In fact I think it is so cool that it is a family tradition and since I love y’all (trying to be southern) so much I am going to share it with you!  Some of you might know this already but if you don’t you are in for a real treat! 

If you drive to Walt Disney World, you have to enter the Florida State line somewhere and chances are you will probably pass a Welcome to Florida sign with a Visitors Center not too far from that!  Stop!  Not only is it a great place to get out and stretch your legs, but you can get FREE juice! 

Nothing says Welcome to Florida than a cold cup of freshly squeezed orange juice.  The best part is it is completely free!  The juice varieties differ occasionally but there is always orange and most of the time there is grapefruit!  The welcome centers are totally kid friends with colorful fish tanks, play area and maps!  You could even turn it into a learning experience for your kids.  Since you still are about 4 hours from Walt Disney World it is a great stopping point to get out and stretch your legs one last time and get the kids geared up for what is to come! 

Have you stopped and gotten free juice on your way to Walt Disney World?  If not, try taking a break here next time, you will love it!

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