What to do if it rains at Walt Disney World

On Wednesday I talked about ways to prepare yourself in case of rain while you are at Walt Disney World.  Yes, it would be a bummer if it rained a lot on your vacation but at least if you are prepared you will stay dry.  When it rains some of the bigger rides close down and walking around the parks seems less appealing.  A question I get asked a lot is- What can my family do if it rains?

Resort Hop!  Each Walt Disney World Resort is so unique, and it is really fun to take the bus or monorail from resort to resort and check them out!  I know a lot of people don’t want to take time away from the parks to check out each resort, so when it rains it is a perfect time!  Resort hopping would make for some great family pictures!

Another fun activity that gets pushed aside a lot is Disney Quest, especially if your children love gaming! Disney Quest is a HUGE building that is completely inside (no getting wet!) and host a virtual world!  You can build your own rides, go white water rafting, and sail on a pirates ship!  You can also play in an arcade, which my daughter loves, and the best part- it is all included with the park hopper pass.  No paying for arcade games and she can play as many as she wants!  Disney Quest has a wonderful snack bar in it that is home to my favorite cupcake on Walt Disney World property, along with a lot of other goodies such as burgers and sandwiches.  It is a one stop shop to a day of fun!

Another idea is to go have tea at the Grand Floridian. This would be a great way to get out of an afternoon shower if you were at the Magic Kingdom!  You can pick and choose from their menu, so if you have dinner plans later you wont spoil your meal!  After tea you can take a stroll through the beautiful Grand Floridian! Everyone is so nice there, and the shopping is great!

These ideas are really fun, but my favorite thing to do when it is raining at Walt Disney World is to stay in the parks!  You would not believe how much less crowded it gets when it starts to rain.  And yes, some rides do shut down in the rain but it is still fun! There are many shops you can duck in and out of, or you can sit and have a nice meal together!  The Cast Members do a wonderful job of making you feel special at Walt Disney World, and the rain only seems to magnify this!  Next time it rains, look around, you may just find some extra Disney magic you weren’t expecting!

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